30A Wedding Photography – Bridal & Trash the Dress

I’m so excited to share these pictures with you. My sister, Shelley was a real trooper in doing this shoot. She offered to do a trash the dress session for me at the farm. She purchased a wedding gown, had her makeup done and spend 3 hours with me going from location to location. Oh, did I mention that it was 110 degrees outside. I was assisted by my Mom and cousin Amanda. They helped carry the flowers, fan, towels, water and entertained us throughout the afternoon.

Just a hint of what is to come. Yes, that is my sister – on a horse – in a bridal gown – in a pond. Not a sight you see every day. Can’t tell you when I have sweated so much or had so much fun. Keep watching, she says she’ll do it again when the weather is cooler :)

Take a few minutes and watch the slide show.  There are other pictures than what was included above.
To view the slide show larger click on the box below to view it full screen. Also to make sure your watching it in High Res. click on the HQ.

Navarre Newborn Photographer – Baby Norah

I have known baby Norah’s parents (Kevin & Michelle) for awhile. They are the first couple, out of the group we hang out with, to have a baby so we were all excited when baby Norah decided to surprise us early. We did the shoot at their home when she was just 5 days old. When I arrived she had a full tummy and was so sweet and sleepy. We did the pale shot very quickly at the end of the shoot because it was so hot outside & Norah was ready to be changed. She really was a pleasure to photograph and we look forward to watching her grow up.