Fort Walton Beach Photography – Maternity Session

It was so great to meet Liz, Curt, and Aunt Jenn (Liz’s sister).  Despite an imminent due date, Liz was able to do all sorts of poses.  It is obvious that Curt and Liz are an athletic couple as it seemed they were ready to run a marathon even though that belly was ready.  We had a fun session writing on her belly & using playful props.  Liz was a glowing mom-to-be with a beautiful baby bump.  Curt even did his part to act like he had a baby bump.  He was very enthusiastic about every part of the session and you can definitely tell that he’s a proud daddy.  These two really gave the impression that they were ready to bring a new baby into this world.  Liz and Curt are a fun and loving couple.  Wesley sure is coming into a fun household.