Announcement #5 – Have you been wanting an updated Family Portrait?

Have you been wanting an updated Family Portrait?  Now is a great time with the weather as beautiful as it is and before all of the vacationers get here.  Take advantage of April & May session pricing!  Email me at and I can send you more details!


When to schedule your newborn session? Fort Walton Beach Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography has become very popular and almost a must for new parents.  Its highly recommended that you select your photographer and schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant.

Those first few weeks are very tiring and difficult.  You are struggling to adjust to having a newborn at home and time can quickly pass by.  Your newborn is changing dramatically in the first weeks of life and he or she will only be this tiny once in their life.  When they are first born they are able to bend and curl into those sweet little poses.  They sleep in such a deep sleep and they have that precious, brand-new “newborn look”.  All of these characteristics will begin to quickly disappear after just a couple short weeks.  The goal of newborn photography is to capture this extremely short stage of your baby’s life!  The session is centered around capturing the beauty and newness of this tiny little miracle you brought into the world.
It is never too late to photograph your newborn.  We may not be able to achieve those sleepy cuddly poses or they may just be more challenging, but we can still get beautiful images that you will cherish forever!


Fort Walton Beach Newborn Photography – Baby Aoife

Here is some newborn cuteness for Friday morning!  I had the pleasure of photographing sweet Baby Aoife’s newborn session at her beautiful home.  I have enjoyed getting to know this family so much and watching it grow.  Here are just a few of my favorites of Baby Aoife.  Enjoy!

Fort Walton Beach Newborn Photography – Baby Kaelynn

Kaelynn’s family lives next door to us…so we have had the opportunity to be around her and watch her grow these past 6 months.  Her facial expressions constantly make you smile.  She is seriously one of the happiest babies I think I have met.  Hope you enjoy my favorites from our mini-session at the beach!

Fort Walton Beach Newborn Photography – Little Peyton’s Newborns

This newborn session took place in baby Peyton’s home.  She was right at 9 days old and she kept giving us the most adorable expressions.  At times it was as if she was smiling at the camera while sleeping.  I really enjoyed getting to know Peyton’s family.  Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your little sweetheart.

Fort Walton Beach Photography – Maternity Session

It was so great to meet Liz, Curt, and Aunt Jenn (Liz’s sister).  Despite an imminent due date, Liz was able to do all sorts of poses.  It is obvious that Curt and Liz are an athletic couple as it seemed they were ready to run a marathon even though that belly was ready.  We had a fun session writing on her belly & using playful props.  Liz was a glowing mom-to-be with a beautiful baby bump.  Curt even did his part to act like he had a baby bump.  He was very enthusiastic about every part of the session and you can definitely tell that he’s a proud daddy.  These two really gave the impression that they were ready to bring a new baby into this world.  Liz and Curt are a fun and loving couple.  Wesley sure is coming into a fun household.